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We offer a wide selection of scooters for sale both new and used. We sell and service Vespa, Piaggio, SYM, Yamaha, Honda, and more.  We have been selling and servicing scooters for over 20 years. This experience makes us San Francisco's best store to buy your next new or used scooter.

Our shop is located at 275 8th. STREET in San Francisco 94103. Call us at (415) 255-3132

Used Scooters for sale

We specialize in used Vespa scooters as well as Genuine, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Aprilia scooters. We are also the licensed dealer for SYM scooters in San Francisco. Click on the Vespa Sprint picture below to see our entire current inventory of new and used scooters for sale in San Francisco at SF Moto.

Our Pre Owned Scooters
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Our scooter shop is right in the heart of San Francisco's SOMA district. We are bursting with great new inventory and feature all the  the latest scooters. Whether you're searching for a vintage Vespa or the cutting edge Piaggio MP3 - we have it all here. Our staff is passionate and we all love to ride.
If you are curious about scooters and commuting in San Francisco, check out this very informative little site: http://www.scootersanfrancisco.com/

New Scooters Sym Scooters

SF Moto is San Francisco's exclusive SYM Scooter Dealer.

Our Pre Owned Scooters

SYM was founded in 1947 as Ching Feng Hang, an import company of BSA motorcycles. It wasn't until 1954 that the name Sanyang was first mentioned: Sanyang Electrics. Sanyang Electrics was soon to be restructured into Sanyang Industrial Co. Ltd. in 1961. In 1962 SYM formed a joint venture with Honda to begin local assembly of motorcycles, making them the first motorcycle manufacturer in Taiwan. In 1969 SYM started assembling small Honda cars such as the Honda TN360 and the Honda N600. These cars were very popular and even made it to the United States, as a provided video clip of an old Honda commercial illustrates. As Sanyang's own motorcycles entered direct competition with Honda's products worldwide, both companies found it best to end their successful cooperation. It was this 32 year long cooperation with Honda and the inevitable transfer of know how which instilled SYM's never ending thirst for perfection and quality. For SYM it's not about developing a competitive product, it's about setting the bar. During the 2008 Scooter Cannonball Run, the SYM HD200 left the entire competition in the dust and made it across the USA in just 10 days without any technical problems. The result: 1st place! In 2012, SYM was able to repeat the run using the same 2006 HD200 scooter with the same engine as in 2008 without any modifications or rebuilds. The HD200 “only” made 3rd place. It would most likely have received an even better place if it hadn't been for the modified rules of the 2012 run. The HD200 can surely be seen as a testament to SYM's commitment towards durability and quality. Besides offering very reliable modern technology, all SYM scooters also come with a 2 year factory warranty.

SYM HD 200 Sym Scooters

The SYM HD200 scooter is most peoples choice for urban environments.

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The SYM HD200 is the state of the art modern scooter, perfect for daily riding. The powerful 4-stroke 4-valve engine is water-cooled and has a ceramic-coated cylinder which improves durability and performance. 16" light weight aluminum tubeless wheels provide excellent stability. An H4 halogen 60/65W headlight produces all the visibility a scooterist could want by providing car quality road illumination. Like all SYM scooters the HD200 comes with an awesome 2-year unlimited mile warranty. Click on the image above to retrieve the new 2014 model brochure.

2012 SYM HD200 Brochure
2013 SYM HD200 Brochure
2014 SYM HD200 EVO Brochure

Features: Telescopic front fork for excellent control and a comfortable ride. Front and rear disk brakes delivering quick, responsive, and reliable stopping power. The bag hook on the leg shield and the storage area under the seat provide plenty of room for your stuff.

Learn more about the HD200 and SYM on this very informative site:  http://www.symhd200.com/  

SYM FIDDLE II Sym Scooters

Quick, light & compact with a low seat height: The perfect scooter for urban living.

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Because they look very similar, the SYM Fiddle II sees a lot of comparison to the Vespa LX. A Vespa 150 comes in at $4699.00 in San Francisco while the SYM Fiddle II has an MSRP of $2298.00. While the Vespa features its uni-body design, the Fiddle II is roughly 50lb lighter than a Vespa and features a much lower seat height. Thanks to the lower weight, the Fiddle II can afford the slightly smaller 125cc 4-stroke motor while perfroming about the same as the Vespa. At over 80 miles per gallon this scooter is a big gas saver. The Fiddle II comes with a two year warranty and in five fashionable colors. Click on the image above to retrieve a 2014 brochure.

2012 SYM Fiddle II Brochure
2013 SYM Fiddle II Brochure
2014 SYM Fiddle II Brochure

NEW!! SYM FIDDLE II 150S Sym Scooters

Quick, light & compact with a low seat height: The perfect scooter for urban living.

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It's finally here: The SYM Fiddle II 150S! More power for the retro classic scooter from SYM. Where it was easy and speedy to get around on the SYM Fiddle II 125, you're now getting even more power with the Fiddlle II 150S at a still incredibly low price of $2595! The engine features SYM's state of the art ceramic coated cylinder technology. With over 10hp, this scooter get's you up and down the San Francisco hills with ease. The bike, is a pleasure to ride and if you were planning on buying a vespa in San Francisco, you might as well buy the Fiddle II 150S and go on vacation for the $2500.00 you didn't have to spend. Make sure to download the brochure (click on image above). Hope to see you soon!

2014 SYM Fiddle II 150 Brochure

SYM Citycom 300i Sym Scooters

A perfectly balanced modern European style scooter.

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The SYM Citycom 300i strikes a good balance of stop and go, with composed turning at any speed. On the road the Citycom is superb. Its large 16inch wheels and well set-up suspension smooth out road imperfections effortlessly. The fuel injected engine generates a healthy 20hp which propels the scooter along at a surprisingly rapid pace. Dual disc brakes offer confident and quick stopping power. The large trunk space easily holds a full face helmet and locks items securely in place. SYM's anti theft device secures the Citycom wherever you leave it.

Good balance and composure at low speeds offer an easily controlled tight turning radius. The Citycom 300i is very stable on freeways and has no trouble keeping up with traffic, even at higher speeds. The scooter immediately jumps up to 30mph with a twist of the throttle. It seems as happy at 65mph as it does at walking speed. SYM has created the best option for anyone wanting a scooter that handles intermediate distance freeway and city street commutes.

SYM Citycom 300i - Features
• 20.6 HP @ 7000 RPM
• Fuel Injected
• 82 MPH
• 94.1 MPG @ 31 MPH
• Dual 260 mm Disc Brakes
• 16 in. Wheels
• Secure Storage Compartment

Options available for the SYM Citycom 300i include 
• Taller windshield
• Two different rear rack options
• Givi easy detachable trunk
• Givi easy detachable trunk with brake light

2014 SYM Citycom Brochure

SYM WOLF Classic 150 Sym Scooters

Classic café racer style for modern urban commuting

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This classic cafe racer style motorcycle used to be known as the Honda CB125. SYM manufactured this bike for Honda for years. When the cooperation between SYM and Honda ended, SYM inherited the production facilities. SYM went on to modernize the bike by adding disc brakes, halogen lights and a 12V electric system. Own a timeless classic without the headaches of one. Get a SYM Wolf. For a 2014 model brochure, click on the image above.

2012 SYM Wolf Classic Brochure
2013 SYM Wolf Classic Brochure
2014 SYM Wolf Classic Brochure

SYM Symba (Honda Super Cub) Sym Scooters

In production since 1958, it's virtually indestructible!

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The SYM Symba (aka Honda Super Cub) has been in production since 1958. It is the worlds most produced motor vehicle. It has been manufactured more often than the VW Beetle. Just as Vespa has their history, the Symba is one of the bikes that showcases SYM's heritage and puts an exclamation mark after the word tradition. Besides offering new technologies, SYM is also a traditional manufacturer of motor vehicles. The SYMBA is by no means a "knock off" or a copy: it is a genuine product, resulting from SYM's long cooperation with Honda. If you would like to look at a brochure for the 2014 SYM Symba, click on the picture above.

2012 SYM Symba Brochure
2013 SYM Symba Brochure
2014 SYM Symba Brochure

• MSRP: $2,399.00
• Length: 75 in (1905 mm)
• Width: 27 in (686 mm)
• Height: 41 in (1041 mm)
• Seat height: 29.9 in (760 mm)
• Weight: 195 lbs (89 kg)
• Front suspension: telescopic fork
• Rear suspension: swing arm
• Front brake: 130mm drum
• Rear brake: 110mm drum
• Engine: 101cc, single cylinder, air-cooled
• Power/torque: 6.7 (5 kw) @8500 rpm/5 ft-lbs (6.8 nm) @6000 rpm