4 comments on “Legality of Moto LED Lights in California

  1. Thanks for the write up, I had heard it was mostly a depends. Sounds like some limited lighting on the sides and under the bike are okay depending on the color. I’ve been meaning to stop a LEO and ask him his opinion, although that surely will vary.

    I do think you came down a bit harsh on the ‘nightclub’ thing tho. Being the owner of a darker colored bike with not a lot of lightning in the back, I’m interested in these lighting setups to make sure drivers see me coming from afar at night. Specially on the 101 where drivers have the habit of placing me in their blind spots.


  2. Great post! LED lights definitely offer benefits to the driver, such as better light quality making items more visible on the road. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Was looking at the Lighting Strike lights and was wondering if they are legal in California as white and or yellow facing forward? Thank you for your time Shelly Martin

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